About Elevate&CO

Elevate&CO offers Global Lifestyle Management + Luxury Concierge Services. We are experts in creating experiences, and are passionate about exploring and sharing cultures.

We describe our brand as an “Experiential Firm”, which means simply, we care about the experience our guests and service providers have. We are proud to act as a Cultural Liaison and do everything we can to ensure we develop and foster lasting relationships. Our team boasts a base of luxury experience and relationships with the biggest brands in hospitality, and is also proud to discover and promote boutique brands that share our passion for creating the exceptional.

Our clients trust the E&CO “Experience Team” to be available every day, at your convenience, to discover and deliver the answer to your most challenging questions, and negotiate on your behalf to ensure that you feel value even when you ask for something exclusive.



Our Founder began her career in luxury hospitality, with the joy of experiencing life in the mutli-cultural melting pot of Washington, D.C. Through her travels and experiences abroad, she developed an affinity for the depth of International cultures and observed that others in the hospitality community could benefit from learning how to best engage these unique cultures. Elevate&CO was created as a brand that would work to bridge cultural gaps, and ensure the guest experience always comes first.

Suzie values relationships over everything and because of the trust she has earned from our clients, and her reputation for the ability to deliver seemingly unattainable requests, our business has evolved to include complex business and investment related services.

Her passion for culture and commitment to promoting tolerance is a continuous thread in our vision.

Partner, Business Development


Jad is our connector for development opportunities. He has a background in business and has been a part of E&CO since inception. His well rounded business acumen, combined with his understanding of cultural differences, allows him to navigate otherwise complex business opportunities.

Jad grew up overseas and returned to the United States to live during college. His personal experiences and compassion for others has inspired several company initiatives, and his passion for athletics has led to our involvement in several collaborations with youth and sports related charities.

Project Development


Khalid contributes to the company as an advisor and is involved in the development of multiple projects abroad. He is always the first to know of new trends and his comprehensive understanding of technology is an unmeasurable asset in our business. Living overseas for most of his life, his unique perspective inspires constructive dialogue between the team.

Brand Manager


Madeline works closely with our Founder on our most challenging projects and leads hiring and training, ensuring brand consistency. With a background in luxury hospitality and an innate knowledge of modern trends, she is able to take initiative on client relations and social media projects. Madeline is a burst of sunshine on our team. She is eternally optimistic, forward thinking, and dedicated to promoting our brand mission though positivity.


“There is a proverb saying, “One hand can not clap alone”. The team at Elevate&CO know the importance of collaboration towards a greater goal. Others may have ideas and experience, but there is always only one who can take on the difficulties, and consistently deliver attention to detail, quality, and overall value.”

RASHED Al NUAIMI راشد النعيمي

دائما اليد الواحدة لا تستطيع التصفيق ، مهما كانت هناك الخبرات والافكار ولكن دئما يكون هناك من يستطيع القيام بتحمل الصعاب ويقدم لك الافضل والانسب من حيث النوعية والاسعار التنافسيه

“Thank you 1000 times to Elevate&CO for their elegance, steadfast, meticulous organization, and timely service. Despite all of our constant and detailed requests in our countless travel destinations, the service you provide to us in our travels is exceptional. The team’s cooperations was above and beyond our expectation. Thank you once again.”


الف شكر على التعامل الراقي،التنظيم الدقيق، الخدمة السريعة و الفعالية التي قمتم بها اثناء رحلتنا في أوروبا رغم تعدد المحطات و كثرة التفاصيل، ان طاقم الموظفين كان متعاون الى ابعد الدرجات، شكراً مرة ثانية

Working with Elevate&CO and Suzie was a breath of fresh air. E&CO’s clients can be demanding, but they also understand what requirements come with making mountains move. Elevate&CO’s ability to deliver on all expectations and promises promptly and professionally blew my mind. “No” is never an answer and yet Suzie and staff somehow maintains the utmost calm, professional demeanor throughout the entire process not only making sure her clients get the service they desire, but also that the vendors she works with (like my company) have their needs and requirements met. Suzie seems to always be two steps ahead and is fully prepared. In a world working with high end clientele, Elevate&CO and Suzie are one that I would recommend first to anyone looking for the BEST concierge services and beyond.