A lifestyle firm specializing in the
most exclusive of luxury experience.

Elevate&CO is a membership based experiential firm with an expertise in navigating cultural and geographical differences. We offer a unique variety of services including Travel & Concierge, Lifestyle and Venture collaboration. We believe in developing lasting relationships and ensure everyone we work with is aligned with our goals.

Our Mission: You

We get to know you and you’ll learn we cherish the things that are most important. We pride ourselves on cultural fluency and the anticipation of every need. We become council and concierge, we dot every i, we cross every t, and we punctuate every experience. We grant access to the inaccessible, we believe in the extra as opposed to the ordinary, and we believe our mission is you.

Worldwide Services

E&CO offers Global Lifestyle Management including Travel, Education, Medical + Concierge. From official diplomatic visits to leisure wayfaring, we consider every aspect of our client’s lives, caring for them with cultural fluency and absolute discretion.


Elevate&CO provides our members with Global Lifestyle Management + Luxury Concierge Services. We are experts in creating experiences, anticipating the unexpected, and are passionate about exploring and sharing cultures.